What sets MDC Mtec apart is our dedicated inspection and assembly area.

Whilst the workshop team is busy producing your raw products our secondary team are ensuring the finishing touches are perfect, including handpicking specialised sub-contractors to offer a value added service including:

  • Anodising treatments - to different specifications (Hard and Soft) and colours Blue, Red, Gold, Black, Purple and Turquoise (Green not recommended)
  • Engraving on to nearly any surface and/or material - including batch numbering
  • Fabrication - sheet metal - pressing
  • Grinding
  • Laser and water cutting
  • Heli coiling
  • Specialised packaging

Our dedicated inspection and assembly team then ensures that all parts are made and finished correctly (to drawing) and builds each product to an assembly drawing, packaged with care and then carefully hand delivered to your door.

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