MDC-Mtec are also experts at, wherever possible, limiting the costs and reducing the timelines of your projects. We are highly experienced in creating pinpoint-accurate, time-saving, custom jigs and fixtures for a multitude of roles. Don't be concerned if you are lacking the time or resources to develop your own, we can design the entire package for you, increasing your productivity.

MDC-Mtec is also well versed in identifying and sourcing the appropriate high performance materials for your needs. We choose from a number of reputable suppliers, which allows us to offer the most competitive prices for outstanding results

Please feel free to contact us for a face-to-face consutation and we will arrange a meeting with our design team.

Our team at MDC-Mtec understands that it can sometimes be difficult to realise your initial concept as a final product. Conversely, you may have an existing project that you're striving to cut production costs on, without compromising quality.

We therefore take great pride in our ability to assist our customers; from the very building blocks of the design stage, to the rapid machining/testing of prototypes and subsequent final production process.

Founded in 1972, MDC-Mtec have over 40 years of experience in developing or re-engineering high precision mechanical components to strict deadlines, whilst ensuring all work is carefully scrutinised for its adherence to tolerances, effective ergonomics, clean aesthetics and reliable durability.

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