Welcome to MDC - Mtec.

Based in Fernhurst, Surrey, we at MDC-Mtec take pride in providing our customers with specialist, professional solutions, to a myriad of engineering problems.

For over 40 years now, we have been honing our skills and services to accommodate the needs of a wide range of clients in various business sectors, such as;

• Medical Industries

• Analysis Techniques

• Deep Sea Research

• Optical Pathway Design

• Semi-Conductor Testing

• Infa-Red Technologies

• Pharmaceutical Analysis

• Specialist Plastics Engineering

• Aerospace Industries

• Military Applications

We developed techniques for machining the most high spec materials and finishing plastics to precision limits and to optical standards. Design capability extends from Ocean bed core sample analysis machines, to laboratory equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and is currently involved in the manufacture of next generation test heads for the integrated circuit and semi-conductor testing industry.

  MDC - Mtec Ltd
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